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Elisabeth Edelman < Episode S2E02 - Agency Work Podcast

Elisabeth Edelman < Episode S2E02

March 11, 2019

Host Parker Plaisted interviews Elisabeth Edelman from Golden Word. Elisabeth talks about the media relations work she has done for Ledbury and Hardywood Park Craft Brewery with details on how she pursued those opportunities.

Elisabeth Edelman

Elisabeth Edelman (guest) and Parker Plaisted (host)

Elisabeth Edelman

Founder at Golden Word.
Golden Word is a public relations and communications agency in Richmond, Virginia. The agency works with entrepreneurs who have built best-in-class companies focused on clothing, leather goods, food, and beverages.

Episode Summary
Elisabeth shares her insights on working with journalists, editors and producers to pitch stories that feature her clients. She also explains how essentialism helps her focus on her highest point of contribution.

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