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Dionne Kumpe < Episode S2E01 - Agency Work Podcast

Dionne Kumpe < Episode S2E01

March 4, 2019

Host Parker Plaisted interviews Dionne Kumpe from Elevation. Dionne talks about advertising strategy and shares her insights from more than 20 years of agency work.

Dionne Kumpe

Dionne Kumpe (guest) and Parker Plaisted (host)

Dionne Kumpe

Senior Account Manager at Elevation.
Elevation is an integrated marketing agency in Richmond, Virginia, dedicated to elevating brands through creative and strategic excellence.

Episode Summary
Dionne shares her insights from more than 20 years of agency work solving strategic branding and marketing challenges. Dionne explains the work that goes into advertising strategy, describes examples from projects she has worked on, and provides advice for people who want to work at a branding or advertising agency.

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