Kelly Vance < Episode S1E13

November 26, 2018

Host Parker Plaisted interviews Kelly Vance from VANCE. Kelly talks about her work in public relations and shares examples that illustrate the importance of having an authentic story and consistently delivering the customer experience.

Kelly Vance

Kelly Vance (guest) and Parker Plaisted (host)


Kelly Vance

Principal and “Story Chaser” at VANCE.
Communications strategist Kelly Vance has nearly 20 years of experience leading integrated media programs for an array of brands, from local start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Kelly thinks like a journalist to discover her clients’ authentic stories and deliver those stories through brand journalism, video storytelling, digital marketing, media relations and influencer campaigns.

Episode Summary
Kelly talks about getting the authentic story from her clients and the value of consistently meeting customer expectations. Kelly also explains the shift in PR from media relations to integrated communication plans using paid, earned, shared, and owned media (The PESO Model).

Company Website

VANCE on Social Media

Gini Dietrich’s PESO Model for Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned Media

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