Heather Winkle < Episode S1E08

October 22, 2018

Host Parker Plaisted interviews Heather Winkle from Capital One. Heather talks about user experience design and describes examples from her work.

Heather Winkle

Heather Winkle (guest) and Parker Plaisted (host)


Heather Winkle

Vice President of Design at Capital One.
Capital One Financial Corporation is a diversified banking company focused primarily on consumer and commercial lending and deposit origination. Its principal business segments are Local Banking and National Lending. (Source: https://www.linkedin.com/company/capital-one)

Episode Summary
Heather Winkle shares her insight on user experience design based on her work experience at Capital One, Apple, Adobe, eBay, Yahoo, Intuit and Netscape. Heather also explains how she has used the knowledge and skills she gained from her BFA degree in Industrial Design and MBA degree.

Company Website

Capital One on Social Media

Heather Winkle’s presentation at Creative Mornings Richmond

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