Heather Garrett Flores and Brian Bartusiak < Episode S1E07

October 15, 2018

Host Parker Plaisted interviews Heather Garrett Flores and Brian Bartusiak from Parkwood Creative. Heather and Brian talk about media production projects and skills producers need. They also share advice on how to get started in media production.

Heather Garrett Flores and Brian Bartusiak

Brian Bartusiak (guest), Heather Garrett Flores (guest), and Parker Plaisted (host)


Heather Garrett Flores

Executive Producer at Parkwood Creative.

Brian Bartusiak

Producer and Director at Parkwood Creative.
Parkwood Creative is a media production company offering pre-production, production and post-production services on a wide variety of media projects for clients.

Episode Summary
Heather and Brian explain how they staff their media projects through their network of talented contributors, give examples of recent projects for clients, and provide advice for people who want to work in media production.

Company Website

Parkwood Creative on Social Media

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