Marna Bales < Episode S1E03

September 17, 2018

Host Parker Plaisted interviews Marna Bales from Red Amp Audio. Marna talks about her work as the Executive Producer at Red Amp Audio, a state-of-the-art recording studio in Richmond, Virginia.

Marna Bales

Marna Bales (guest) and Parker Plaisted (host)


Marna Bales

Owner and Executive Producer at Red Amp Audio.
Marna handles all vendor and client relations at Red Amp Audio. She is also a songwriter (NSAI Member), an accomplished recording artist (CMA Member), and a professional voice talent featured in local, regional, and national ad campaigns.

Insight from Marna
Marna talks about the services provided at Red Amp Audio and her role working with commercial clients, advertising agencies, and musicians.

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