Elias Dancey < Episode S1E02

September 10, 2018

Host Parker Plaisted interviews Elias Dancey from Flatland Creative. Elias talks about his education and work experience in animated illustration projects and the work his agency does for clients.

Elias Dancey from Flatland Creative

Elias Dancey (guest) and Parker Plaisted (host)


Elias Dancey

Creative Director & Lead Animator at Flatland Creative
The team of artists and animators at Flatland Creative produce personality-driven animation stories for their clients to use in advertising and branding campaigns.

Insight from Elias
Elias talks about storyboarding and the additive process of creating animated illustrations.

Company Website

Flatland Creative on Social Media

2018 Sizzle Reel (Portfolio Examples)

SIZZLE REEL: Spots, WIPs & Behind the Scenes from Flatland Creative on Vimeo.

Priority Automotive Commercial

Priority Auto from Flatland Creative on Vimeo.

Frame by frame character animation television spot for Priority Automotive, featuring painted backgrounds and traditional animation.

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